About us

At ALLCU Loans, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer quick and affordable loans to the public of the United Kingdom. With over a decade of extensive knowledge in unsecured loan products, we not only have the expertise to help you, but we also believe that we offer fair and competitive rates.

Right from the start of your application, we will be forthright with you, giving you all the information you need. This will include the interest rates you will be charged on your loan, the monthly repayments, and any penalty fees that you might accrue for a late payment as well as many other important facts.

Not only that but rest assured, our contracts don’t include any devious details hidden away in the fine print. We will tell you like it is and provide you with the best loan products available. It is the pride we take in being both responsible and ethical lenders that drive us to provide you with all the important information you need when you take out a loan. This information is not filled with jargon or legal speak either. We believe in explaining it in a way that you can understand, unlike the route taken by many other financial institutions.

In fact, as accredited members of the Consumer Credit Trade Association, we are compelled to do so. It is for that reason we joined with such a critical organisation. Rest assured, our logbook loans are flexible, with affordable monthly repayments, set to suit your budget. There really is little point in giving you a loan with ridiculous repayment rates that you will default on sooner rather than later.

We pride ourselves not only on our products but on our staff. We have a dedicated team of experts, fully trained to help you with any financial product we offer. We believe that without you, the customer, our business is doomed and it is for that reason that we continue to put you first in every aspect when applying for a loan. Our team, although experts in their field, receive regular training, keeping them up to date with new trends in the loan market and further improving their already formidable customer's service skills.